Empowering Sustainable Cooling: Airo's Digital Ecosystem by Codemonk

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In an era where sustainability is a global imperative, Airo emerged as a transformative force in the air conditioning sector. Based in Singapore, Airo aspired to revolutionize the AC buying experience. Beyond merely selling a product, Airo aimed to offer a lifetime value proposition through insightful cost analytics, real-time IoT monitoring, and subscription-based maintenance plans. Codemonk had the privilege of collaborating with Airo to bring this ambitious vision to digital life.



Time Frame

1 Year

Services we offered

AI/ML, Full Cycle Software Development

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The Challenge

Navigating the traditional AC buying landscape often feels like solving a complex puzzle: What size is the best fit? How many units are required? What are the long-term financial implications? Add to this the intricate Variable Refrigerant Flow (a system where multiple indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit), the complexity multiplies. Airo envisioned a platform that would simplify this process, seamlessly integrating sustainability and cutting-edge technology. They possessed the conceptual vision and the foundational idea and Codemonk worked with them to meticulously engineer the algorithm in alignment with their vision and subsequently developing an end-to-end digital ecosystem that was both comprehensive and user-centric.

Codemonk’s Approach

Our collaboration with Airo was rooted in a deep understanding of both the technical and user-centric challenges. Airo's vision was clear, but the path to its realization required a meticulous blend of technology and user experience. Our initial discussions revolved around understanding the intricacies of the AC buying process and the variables that influence it. From these insights, we translated Airo's conceptual vision into a tangible algorithm. This algorithm was designed to consider multiple factors like room dimensions, number of rooms, and user patterns. It wasn't just about recommending an AC; it was about recommending the right AC.

Recognizing the importance of a user-friendly interface, especially given the IoT integration, our team delved into extensive market research. We studied platforms like Google Home and other smart home applications to understand user preferences and common interaction patterns. Drawing insights from our research, we crafted an application interface that felt both familiar and intuitive. The goal was to ensure that even users new to IoT could effortlessly control their ACs, set automations, and monitor energy consumption without a steep learning curve.

The Solution

The answer to this challenge lay in creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem for Airo. This ecosystem featured a robust e-commerce platform powered by an AI recommendation engine designed to assist the users in purchasing the right AC’s. But it didn't stop there; it also included a mobile application that gave users full control over their AC units, allowing them to monitor and manage energy consumption in real-time. This holistic approach provided a seamless, intelligent solution for navigating AC purchasing, maintenance, and management.

The Blueprint

Airo's groundbreaking recommendation algorithm was the cornerstone of their vision. It took into account a range of variables—number of rooms, room dimensions, and usage patterns—to offer the most efficient AC setup. In a collaborative effort, Codemonk helped translate this algorithm into a user-centric web app and mobile app. The platform was designed to allow users to easily input their address, which would then fetch the floor plans or input the floor plans and dimensions themselves. Based on this and the user's specified number of rooms and usage duration, the platform would then offer tailored AC recommendations which the users could buy directly from the platform or purchase the AC in a subscription based EMI model. Not only this but Airo offers the user end-to-end support, from deployment of AC to future maintenance

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E-Commerce Platform

Airo sought to create an e-commerce platform that went beyond the standard functionalities of typical online stores. They envisioned a platform that could house their unique AC recommendation algorithm, providing a seamless, end-to-end customer experience. Codemonk rose to the challenge, developing a complex e-commerce system from scratch that not only accommodates traditional shopping features but also integrates Airo's intelligent recommendation engine. This comprehensive platform guides customers through every step of their journey—from initial selection based on complex variables to real-time tracking and payment — ensuring a holistic user experience.

Intelligent Monitoring

Airo's commitment to elevating the user experience extended to real-time performance tracking and electricity consumption monitoring. Codemonk developed the software for IoT devices that connected to the AC units, offering users real-time metrics and full automation controls. Users were able to see the energy consumption and control the AC directly from the application.

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The Application

Airo envisioned an application that would put users in complete control of their AC units. Codemonk worked closely with Airo to develop an application that not only allows users to control their AC units but also provides a dashboard for real-time metrics, all within a user-friendly interface.

Design & Usability

Design was a critical component of Airo's mission to simplify the AC buying process. The website and application needed to be not just visually appealing but also incredibly intuitive. This resulted in a website that guides users through a simple three-step buying experience, offering ideal AC unit recommendations. The application is equally user-friendly, functioning like a simplified AC remote with clearly labeled options. This ensures that users no longer have to fumble around to figure out controls; everything is straightforward and intuitive.


The platform will successfully demystify the complexities of AC purchasing, offering users an intuitive, data-driven approach to making informed decisions. The real-time IoT monitoring has not only elevated the user experience but also aligned perfectly with Airo's sustainability goals. Users now have a seamless, end-to-end solution that addresses everything from initial purchase to long-term maintenance, all while promoting energy efficiency.

300+ USD

Saved in Energy Costs per User

1 Ton

Reduction in Carbon Footprint per User

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