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Skylark Drones, a leader in the drone technology sector, envisioned a drone control app that would redefine the piloting experience. While drones have become increasingly sophisticated, controlling them, especially during complex operations, remains a challenge. The goal was to create an app that would seamlessly blend automation with hands-on control, giving pilots comprehensive command over their drones, sensors and attachments. This wasn't just about flying; it was about equipping pilots with a tool that felt intuitive and responsive. Codemonk, having collaborated successfully with Skylark Drones in the past, was brought on board to transform this vision into a digital reality.



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The Problem

The drone piloting landscape, while technologically advanced, often presents pilots with a paradox. On one hand, there's the allure of automation, allowing drones to follow predefined paths and execute tasks with minimal human intervention. On the other, there's the undeniable need for manual control, especially when unexpected challenges arise or when precise maneuvers are required.

Furthermore, while there are drone control apps available in the market, many either lean too heavily towards automation, sacrificing manual control, or are overly complex, making them less user-friendly. Skylark Drones worked with us to identify and fill this gap: the need for a balanced, intuitive drone control app that would empower pilots with both automated and manual control capabilities, all while ensuring ease of use and efficient access to the drone’s capabilities

Codemonk's Approach

Understanding the intricate balance between automation and manual control was pivotal. Our team initiated the project by diving deep into the world of drone piloting, engaging with experienced pilots to grasp their needs, challenges, and preferences. This hands-on research was crucial in shaping our approach.

We recognized that while automation could offer efficiency, it shouldn't come at the cost of flexibility. The app needed to be a tool that pilots could trust, whether they were setting automated routes or taking the reins manually. Furthermore, given the diverse scenarios in which drones operate, the app had to be adaptable, ensuring pilots could respond swiftly to unexpected challenges, like obstructions.

Another key insight was the importance of data. Drones aren't just about flight; they're data capture devices. Our solution had to ensure that pilots had seamless access to the drone's sensors, allowing them to make informed decisions. Additionally, leveraging photogrammetry and understanding the significance of point clouds in drone data analysis became essential. These techniques would enable the accurate collection and correction of data, ensuring high-quality outputs.

With these insights, we set out to design and develop an app that was not just a control interface but a comprehensive piloting companion.

The Solution

Our solution was a meticulously crafted pilot app that seamlessly integrated automation with hands-on control. Here's how we achieved it:

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Intuitive Route Setting

We developed an interface where pilots could easily plot and set routes for the drone. With a few taps, they could define the path, ensuring the drone would follow it with precision. This feature was especially beneficial for repetitive tasks or large area surveys, where consistency was key.

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Automated Elevation Maintenance

Recognizing the importance of consistent elevation during flights, especially in topographical surveys, our app ensured that once an altitude was set, the drone maintained it throughout its route, regardless of the terrain below.

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Dynamic Obstruction Handling

In the event of an unexpected obstruction, the app instantly alerted the pilot. They could then choose to manually navigate the drone or use the app's suggestions to reroute, all while maintaining the set elevation.

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Comprehensive Control Interface

Beyond automation, the app provided pilots with a full suite of controls. From adjusting the drone's speed to accessing its data sensors in real-time, pilots had everything they needed at their fingertips.

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Data Collection and Photogrammetry

Drones are as much about data capture as they are about flight. Our app allowed them to monitor and adjust their flight parameters based on real-time feedback. Moreover, with integrated photogrammetry tools, pilots could generate accurate 3D models from the captured data, ensuring high-quality outputs even if the initial data collection wasn't perfect.

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User-friendly Design

Keeping in mind the diverse user base, from seasoned pilots to novices, we ensured the app's design was intuitive. Clear icons, straightforward navigation, and a clean interface made the piloting experience smooth and efficient.

By integrating these features, we delivered an app that was not just a tool but a trusted ally for drone pilots, ensuring they could execute their tasks with precision, efficiency, and confidence.

With these insights, we set out to design and develop an app that was not just a control interface but a comprehensive piloting companion.

Impact and Outcome

The pilot app we developed for Skylark Drones marked a significant advancement in drone piloting and data management. Here's the transformative impact it had:

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With the ability to set automated routes and maintain consistent elevations, pilots could execute missions with greater precision and repeatability. This led to more accurate data capture and reduced the time spent on manual adjustments.

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Empowered Decision-making

The data collection and obstruction handling features ensured pilots were always informed and in control. They could make swift decisions in the face of unexpected challenges, ensuring the safety and success of each mission.

In essence, the pilot app not only addressed the challenges Skylark Drones faced but also set a new standard in drone piloting and data management. It showcased Codemonk's commitment to delivering solutions that are both technologically advanced and user-centric, driving tangible results for our clients.


Reduction in mission planning time


Reduction in errors in images

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